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I can’t remember the last time I saw this in Jets practice.

And I’ve been covering them for about a quarter century.

Jets reserve QB David Fales took off scrambling, after not finding an open receiver, and took a big hit from linebacker Harvey Langi while running.

I truly can’t remember the last time something like this happened.

Quarterbacks usually aren’t supposed to be touched in practice, and that is why they wear red jerseys.

But, upon further review, the quarterbacks weren’t wearing red jerseys in practice today, just regular ones, and Langi was clearly aware of that, so he delivered a hit to Fales.

Offensive and defensive players got into a dispute over it, jarring at each other, but it seemed tongue in cheek to me.

Perhaps with no preseason games, they are going to let the quarterbacks get roughed up a little at times.

But you would have to think if somebody hit Sam Darnold like that, and not the journeyman Fales, it might be a different story . . .

Jeff Smith caught a couple of touchdown passes today in Jets practice, but as I mentioned in the first note, I’ve been doing this a long time, and I have seen receivers who’ve shined in camp, and end up getting a raw deal, “better-dealed” by some veteran added later on, so I’m going to put away the anointing oil. The player clearly has talent, but he should still rent instead of buying. This business is so political . . .

There was a play today where you could see Frank Gore’s still go it.

While there was no tackling, players were in pads, and they want them to wrap up guys standing up, and not take them to the ground.

Gore was carrying the ball near the goal line, and Bradley McDougald attempted to grab him, and Gore’s momentum pushed the safety backwards. What you could see on this play is Gore is still really powerful, and at 5-9, 212, he runs with a very low center of gravity and low pad level, which can make it hard for taller defenders to wrap him up . . .

Bless Austin had a nice PD on a quick slant from Darnold to Jeff Smith. Don’t sleep on Austin. He has a nice combination of length and athleticism, and is starting to get his sea legs back after missing his last two college seasons at Rutgers. Yes, he played a little late last year, but he was kind of thrown to the wolves. Expect a better player this year – more comfortable . . .

I know people are always debating the merits of masks during Coronavirus, but let me just say one thing from a football practice standpoint.

I remember early on during the pandemic, some experts were saying masks can be a problem because people are constantly touching them, and adjusting them, with their germ-filled hands, and that touching obviously is going on around the nose and mouth. I see a lot of that with coaches on the practice field. Look I’m not being a “Karen.” I saw one coach lower his mask to yell at some players, and then pulled the mask back up over his mouth after he stopped speaking. I have to admit, I adjust my mask a lot also, so I’m guilty of the same thing.

It is what it is . . .

Quinnen Williams was very impressive today in his press briefing talking about all the work he did the off-season, on conditioning, nutrition and lowering his body fat. He worked at a training center in his home state of Alabama.

My big takeaway from his press conference is that kid wants to be great. It’s not just window dressing.

In football, when you combine great natural ability, with great work habits, it usually works out well.

August 19, 2020

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