A possible landing spot for Rex Dan Leberfeld

Jets coach Rex Ryan is likely going to be fired after this season.

So where might he land?

You’d have to think the Atlanta Falcons are a possibility.

There is a good chance the Falcons will fire coach Mike Smith after this season.

Ryan to Atlanta makes sense on a few fronts.

First of all, they switched to a 3-4 defense last off-season, and drafted and signed a number of players to fit that front. Ryan is a 3-4 guy, and his system and coaching could help improve that underachieving defense.

Secondly, Atlanta is a tough market to sell tickets. Ryan sells tickets.

Also, if Ryan has a choice of jobs, this is the likely the job he’d prefer.

Most of the probable openings have bad quarterback situations. Often it’s not having a quarterback that ultimately gets an NFL head coach fired.

The Falcons have a good quarterback in Matt Ryan.

After six years of shaky quarterback play, the chance for Rex Ryan to go to a place where they have a solid quarterback in place, is something he’d likely jump at.

Rex Ryan to Atlanta makes a lot of sense.

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