ESPN analyst calls Rodgers ‘peculiar” and challenges Jets to do Hard Knocks


An ESPN analyst is challenging the Jets to do “Hard Knocks,” that is “unless you’re completely incompetent.”

It’s pretty apparent that the NFL and HBO want the Jets to appear on the reality show “Hard Knocks” during training camp this summer, but their head coach doesn’t want to do it.

“I know there would be some teams who would love to have Hard Knocks in their building — we’re just not one of them,” Robert Saleh said on June 9.

ESPN’s Ryan Clark doesn’t understand why the Jets wouldn’t want to do it.

“There’s been a huge buzz around the @nyjets and “Hard Knocks,” Clark tweeted on June 30. “Apparently the Jets aren’t too keen on doing the classic, popular training camp series. The Jets are the NFL’s newest darlings. They have the ever interesting though peculiar QB @AaronRodgers12 who recently said his new teammates @iamSauceGardner @GarrettWilsonV could 1 day be the best players at their positions in the entire league. So, why wouldn’t the NFL want to showcase them? Hard Knocks has made virtually unknown players into Super Stars & Coaches like Dan Campbell into folk heroes. Unless you’re completely incompetent this show couldn’t possibly make you look bad! So why not do it Robert Saleh?”

Some would argue competency or incompetency has nothing to do with teams wanting to avoid “Hard Knocks,” but more that it can be a distraction, with TV cameras in your meetings. The Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints, two other eligible candidates for the show this summer, said they don’t want to do it.

And after missing the playoffs 12 years in a row, perhaps the Jets have a lot more pressing issues to focus on than being reality TV stars.

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