Antonio Cromartie speaks Craig Thomas

Q)What are your thoughts on the Titans and Bengals both losing on Sunday?

Cromartie: It’s good. It puts us in a good position to get a chance to get in to the playoffs. At the end of the day, we never know what can happen and we just have to go out and play for the next three weeks. The next game for us to focus on is Philly. 

Q)What about the challenge Philadelphia presents . . . 

Cromartie: The whole thing for us is to build on (the win over Kansas City). (We need to) go into Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when we start our practices back up, (and) go in and try to prepare the way we need to prepare.  We need just to go in and watch film,  try to pick up the things that they’re doing.

Q)Shonn Greene stepped up in a big spot . . .

Cromartie: Shonn Greene did a great job. We know what he’s capable of. The offensive line did a great job of opening holes for him, and he was finding the holes and making big runs.