Billboard – Bring your business to Indiana Dan Leberfeld

There are a lot of billboards in the New York City/Meadowlands region, and a lot of interesting ad buys this week, including one promoting the legalization of marijuana in the NFL.

Another billboard invites business owners to come to Indiana to enjoy lower taxes.

“Indiana may not be in the Super Bowl, but it is competing in the Big Apple,” wrote Kevin Rader of “Who would think Indiana would have the presence it has in New York City!  The state is going head to head with New York on jobs.  If you drive anywhere within about 5 miles of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey you are going to see some electronic billboards.

“Those billboards are sending a message that Indiana is after New York’s jobs. Indiana also took out a full page advertisement in last Sundays New York Times with the same message. If you can make it there, you can make a lot more of it in Indiana.”