Bowles Q-and-A on incident Dan Leberfeld

Q)What happened between IK and Geno?

Bowles: IK (Enemkpali) went up to him. I guess some words were exchanged and he fired off a punch and he dropped.

Q)Was it personal or football related?

Bowles: It was a personal issue that one of them can tell you. I told them I wouldn’t say anything. If they want to tell you, but I thought it was childish either way and it was stupid but, we have to live with the results.

Q)When exactly did it happen?

Bowles: I couldn’t tell you the time. I can tell you I found out about midmorning, so we went from there.

Q)On whether Smith bears any responsibility in the altercation…

Bowles: Well, I think if you don’t put your hands on somebody and somebody punches you, regardless of the situation, barring anybody messing with your kids or your family, you shouldn’t have to hit another man.

Q)Is Smith a totally innocent victim?

Bowles: I didn’t say he was innocent. I just said the whole thing was childish. It was tit for tat. He say, she say. Some high school stuff they could have handled better than they handled it.