Dealing with reality is huge when evaluating your roster Dan Leberfeld

The Jets continue to promote that the fact that they have a lot young talent.

There was a tweet yesterday from them stating – “A lot of youth. A lot of talent.”

Where is all this talent?

Yes, they have a few good young players, but this “extraordinary core” as one high-ranking Jets official put it, is it really there?

The two young safeties are pretty good, but there is certainly room for improvement. But I do think they can be good core players for the Jets moving forward. Leonard Williams is a talented player, but is coming off an average season.

Their best young player on offense is Robby Anderson who had a terrific season, but was arrested twice in a year.

The Jets need a lot more difference-makers on both sides of the ball

With a ton of cap space and three picks in the first two rounds, they need to hit this off-season out of the park.

And be careful not to overrate what they have coming off a pair of 5-11 seasons.

Doing that is dangerous.

Johnson needs to make sure they avoid this trap.

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