DeMario Davis Statement On Tuesday Meeting With Goodell And Owners Dan Leberfeld

“The talks were very productive. It is encouraging to me, as an athlete, to see so many athletes and owners so concerned about our country and pushing it in the right direction. We have a tremendous platform in the NFL and to who much is given, much is required, and that is why we simply can’t just play football. We have to help push our country in the right direction and it’s encouraging to see, the owners and the athletes wanting to do that. I think that we’re working together, we are working very hard at doing that. The thing that I see is our owners and our players have a tremendous love and devotion for our country. That is neat to see. I do think we are very near a time when the protests will end, and athletes and owners will be at the forefront of social change for our country in a positive manner. I’m very excited about that.”