Do the Jets have the culture yet they are looking to build? Dan Leberfeld

You hear this word so much in the NFL world – “culture.” A strong football culture can go a long way to helping you succeed as an NFL team.

How do you build one of those?

Well, I’d say it starts at the top and I think when you have a head coach that brings the energy, the juice, the genuine love of the game that Coach Saleh brings, his communication abilities and then with his staff of teachers, high energy teachers and then it just goes from there,” said Jets GM Joe Douglas.

And you also must “bring in the right types of people” as Douglas said.

“I feel like our personnel staff has done a great job pinpointing the right types of competitors, right type of football character to bring in here and mix with our coaching staff based on the criteria that we have in terms of what we are looking for,” Douglas said. “After that, you try to get as many good people in the building as you can and good things are going to start to happen and I feel like we are progressing there.”

Another key to building a strong culture is the GM and head coach being in lockstep with their vision.

“I think it starts with the alignment of the vision and the culture that both Joe (Douglas) and Robert (Saleh) have and the type of profiles that they want on Robert’s coaching staff and what Joe wants in our player personnel staff, the type of people we want, the great teammates that we want to have within those two groups and then it spills over into the locker room,” said Jets assistant GM Rex Hogan.

But while the Jets are working very hard on the football side to build a powerful culture, it must manifest itself with better results on the field to truly be considered effective, and we will see if that comes to pass this season.


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