Do the Jets really need Braylon Edwards?

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The Jets had locker room issues last year, and a QB who had trouble getting to his 2nd and 3rd reads in the passing game, so it’s hard to figure why Tannenbaum is looking to bring back Braylon Edwards.

Patrick Turner (pictured above) looks ready to take over the big receiver role, but as we seen before with the Jets GM, guys like Turner or David Clowney, get better-dealed all the time by Tannenbaum.

This is a big reason why Jerricho Cotchery wanted out of Dodge. Every time he turned around, this GM was adding another big-name receiver, disrespecting J-Co, and pushing him back on the depth chart.

Look at the Super Bowl matchup – Giants-Pats – how many big name receivers on those teams – none – the quarterbacks there can just throw to the open man, and don’t think for one second about forcing the ball to anyone.

A big problem for Mark Sanchez last year was wide receiver appeasement – forcing passing to prima donna receivers, Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason, even if they weren’t open – to keep them happy.

That just flies in the face of football logic. Appeasing receivers should NEVER enter the mind of a quarterback, who should just throw to throw to the open man.

But Tannenbaum clearly isn’t learning this lesson.

Edwards wore out his welcome in Cleveland (that is why the Jets were able to trade for him), and then after leaving the Jets, he didn’t even last the whole season in San Francisco, before they dumped him.

He has almost as many off-the-field issues as Holmes, and is moody, like Holmes.

And the Jets, who need to change the culture in their locker room, now are exploring bringing Edwards back?

There is no question Edwards has talent, but he’s 29, and coming off a season where he hurt his knee and shoulder.

And you know what is really dumb, this whole angle the Jets should bring him back to help stretch the field?

Do you really think that this guy is a speed merchant he’s not? He can get deep running good routes, and then does a nice job out-jumping people down field, but he’s not a speed guy.

And you know what is even dumber – all the people in the media who keep saying the Jets need to bring in a player to stretch the defense.

What the heck is Santonio Holmes?

Wake-up media!

Holmes signed a five-year, $45 million deal last year because the Jets love his game-breaking ability.

Now one year into the contract, they need to get somebody to stretch defenses?

The man ran a 4.35 forty at the combine – that is superb, and he’s only 27 now, so he probably still runs in that range.

The Jets also had a player with world class speed on their practice squad last year – Dexter Jackson – who ran a 4.27 forty at the combine.

But with Tannenbaum’s history of not giving guys like that a legitimate chance, he’s probably not long for this team.

Edwards has talent, but so does Patrick Turner, who did some very nice things in limited action last year. He’s 6-5, 230, runs good routes, is an outstanding blocker and has a great attitude –always working his tail off to get better.

Logan Payne is another receiver with a lot of promise, who unfortunately broke his wrist last year late in the summer. Payne could be a good fourth receiver and core special team’s player (he’s an outstanding kick cover guy).

Clearly Payne would be competing with Edwards, but if Edwards was signed, that would push some promising young receiver out the door – because it would push everyone down a spot.

Edwards is a talent, but you know what, so is Turner, and a lot of other receivers out there. It’s not a position devoid of talent in the personnel landscape.

Look at the Steelers, after they traded Holmes, the adequately replaced him with third round pick Mike Wallace and sixth round pick Antonio Brown (2011 Team MVP).

Tannenbaum really needs to show some vision here, and stop being a star collector at receiver.

And Rex, do you really think a Parcells-disciple, Tony Sparano, wants to deal with a Holmes-Edwards duo at receiver. The Parcells tree doesn’t like prima donna receivers.

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Dan Leberfeld
Dan Leberfeld
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