Who really knows what he’s thinking? Dan Leberfeld

Anybody who thinks they know what the guy is thinking is perhaps grasping at straws.

Talking about Aaron Rodgers.

Everybody wants to deliver a scoop, but what do they truly know?

A lot of people just throw things against the wall, and while they do this, they get linked to by aggregation sites and get plenty of clicks.

If a team feels good coming out of a player meeting, does that mean the player is leaning toward wanting to join them?
Derek Carr reportedly hit it off with the Jets in his meeting, and he’s now a New Orleans Saint.

The bottom line is coming out of a meeting feeling good about how it went can be a little overrated.

The team might feel good about the meeting, but how did the player feel? Nobody is in Rodgers’ head.

Rodgers is likely doing his due diligence now. Calling around. Researching the Jets.

Hey, Rodgers could land with the Jets, but nobody knows what he’s thinking right now. He has a lot to ponder right now.


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