Dolphins owner on the labor mess

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has made billions as a real estate developer, and he’s no fan of unions.

“The unions have kind of exceeded their bounds, if you know what I mean, in just about every aspect of life,”Ross said at the owner’s meetings in New Orleans. “Every single industry that is union dominated, those companies are in trouble. You look at every state and city government, they’re all bankrupt. There’s a reason why there’s a lot of anti-union sentiment in the country today.

“Other unions, we’re talking about wages up to $50 to $60 an hour. Here you’re talking about players making $2 million-plus a year. Big difference. There’s a bigger sense of entitlement when you’re making a huge amount of money.

“Costs are going up. We’re at the point now people can’t afford to pay more for their entertainment. Typically, that’s what has always happened. You always raised the prices. But we’re at the point where you can’t raise prices anymore. I think everybody accepts that but our costs keep going up. You have people earning $2 million-plus a year. Where do you think the line of reason falls?

“Anybody who has been in business [knows] you don’t pay players the percentage of the gross. The expenses have just grown so great as compared to the revenues, there’s no real reasonable return to anybody’s bottom line. Every owner wants to own a team because they want to be on the ballfield…[It’s not about] how do I build the bottom line, but you’ve got to be reasonable in how you’re doing it, and have an incentive to invest money in the team and the different aspects.”

Dan Leberfeld
Dan Leberfeld
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