Take a lot of reports with a grain of salt these days Dan Leberfeld

There has been a lot of reporting about this player over the last few weeks, and according to the player, “a lot has zero truth to it.”

There have been myriad stories about the future of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, and the QB thinks you need to take many of the reports with a grain of salt.

Like a report over the weekend, stating the framework for a trade between the Packers and the New York Jets for Rodgers was set. The teams are apparently still working on the trade compensation for the QB.

“There is some information out there that is true, for sure, there is a lot that isn’t true,” Rodgers said Wednesday on The Pat McAfee Show. “There is some that have parts of truth to it, there is a lot that has zero truth to it.”

So be careful what you believe these days, and that probably applies to reporting outside of sports as well.

The only thing we know for sure is that Rodgers would like the Packers to trade him to the Jets.

“My intention is to play for the New York Jets,” Rodgers said Wednesday to McAfee and co-host A.J. Hawk, a former Packer teammate.


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