Woody can’t win with the media. Why bother? Dan Leberfeld

Shortly after Woody Johnson addressed the media last week, I read a headline on a website, “Jets owner questions Geno’s desire.”

Johnson was asked if he thought Geno Smith was a franchise quarterback.

“I mean, that’s up to the eye of the beholder,” Jets owner Woody Johnson said. “But he has all the skills. It is a question of what his desire is. And from what the coaches told me and from what I have seen myself, I think he has matured a lot. And he is working on his game and he knows he’s a professional and he has the ability if he sticks with it.

“We will see in the summer how he (does) but I think the coaches are pretty optimistic about what he has learned and maturity. We know he can throw a ball. I think he has taken it to a new level and we will see how it plays out.”

I could be wrong, but I don’t think he questioned his desire.

Not sure why Johnson even talks to the media. There are no NFL rules that make owners speak.

It seems every time he does, some people go out of there way to make him look bad.

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