Dungy and Harrison on what each SB team needs to do to win . . . Dan Leberfeld

What does each team in the Super Bowl need to do to win in Minneapolis? Here is the take of NBC’s Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison . . .

Tony Dungy: “The Patriots need to slow down the Eagles pass rush and utilize their intermediate passing game. I see Tom Brady throwing the ball quite a bit to his backs and tight ends to bypass the Eagles’ excellent run defense. Bill Belichick will need to create confusing coverages to put doubts into Nick Foles’ mind, and to make him hold the ball just a bit longer.
“The Eagles need to maintain their poise and keep being aggressive on offense. Doug Pederson has been aggressive all year, and their game plan really kept the Vikings off balance. Nick Foles is going to have to have another near-perfect game in order for them to win.”

Rodney Harrison: “New England needs to play the Patriot way. They need to put the ball into Tom Brady’s hands, utilize their tight ends, and block the Eagles front four. They won’t run consistently against the Eagles. Patrick Chung against Zack Ertz and Stephon Gilmore vs. Alshon Jeffrey are going to be key matchups to watch.
“The Eagles need to continue to do what they’ve been doing, run the ball and — believe it or not — put the ball into Nick Foles’ hands to make plays. He’s gaining confidence. Doug Pederson called an unbelievable game against the Vikings, kept them off balance. They need to repeat that and stay aggressive.”