Esiason and Lewis on overturned Seferian-Jenkins TD . . . Dan Leberfeld

On Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” panelists Boomer Esiason and Ray Lewis had this to say about the overturned Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown . . .

Boomer Esiason – “This has got to be a touchdown. Every fan across America, I don’t care what team you root for, would say the same thing. It is a touchdown.  The interesting thing here is, where do you see a fumble here?  Because ultimately it was a called a touchdown on the field.  I don’t see any irrefutable evidence to determine that you can overturn that.”
Ray Lewis – “We have to stop this. The essence of the game is being lost by what we’re doing with these replays and all of this. We’re highlighting a play that is clearly a touchdown, I mean, to me and I’m a defensive player… You need a law degree now to play football.”