He has now called Rodgers and Saleh liars. When does it stop? Dan Leberfeld

He is now accusing the Jets’ new QB of the same thing he accused the Jets’ head coach of.

In mid-March, ESPN’s Dianna Russini announced that QB Aaron Rodgers gave the Jets a “wish list” of players he liked to see them sign in free agency, including wide receivers Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb and tight end Marcedes Lewis, all former Green Bay Packers teammates. Wide receiver Odell Beckham was also reportedly on that list. He wasn’t a former teammate, but a friend of Rodgers.

Rodgers shot down the Russini report during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

“It’s so ridiculous,” Rodgers said. “I didn’t respond to Dianna Russini, I think her name is. I would say the same thing I told [Adam Schefter], lose my number. Nice try. I will speak for myself.”

On March 14, the Jets signed Lazard, and then on May 3, Cobb.

After the Jets sign Cobb, ESPN’s Ryan Clark, accused Rodgers of “lying” about the “wish list.”

“Aaron Rodgers does a good job of like lying that doesn’t make him a liar,” said Clark. “‘Your acting like I write down a list on a piece of paper and texted it. You are acting like I said you have to sign these guys. We have a conversation.’ That is the best way to lie by averting the eyes to something else.”

This is the second time in the last few months Clark has accused a prominent Jets figure of lying.

On January 27, Clark said Robert Saleh was lying when he said the team didn’t hire Nathaniel Hackett to be the offensive coordinator to attract Rodgers.

“Let’s bring [Hackett] to the Jets because of the quarterback he’s connected to. Robert Saleh (says), ‘Everybody in this league is connected.’ At least lie better. We know why you went out and got [Hackett],” Clark said.

Some would argue that a sports analyst calling two people liars in the same organization is receipt worthy.


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