ESPN analysts on Moss Dan Leberfeld

ESPN analysts Cris Carter, Tedy Bruschi and Jon Gruden on the Minnesota Vikings acquiring Randy Moss and what he does for their offense.
Carter: “Percy Harvin can learn a little bit from Sidney Rice, but he can learn an awful lot from Randy Moss. Randy Moss made Wes Welker an unbelievable slot receiver. Percy Harvin is a slot receiver with elite speed. He’s going to get better instantly…Brett Favre has the ability to be able to get the ball to anyone who has the best coverage … This offense is going to be tough to deal with.”
Bruschi: “Randy Moss is spectacular when it comes to fresh starts and he is coming into Minnesota with a clean slate, opposing defenses better watch out.”
Gruden: “Of all the film I’ve ever seen, Randy Moss demands specialty coverage…Randy Moss scares people to death. He might be the best deep ball receiver of all time. I still see great acceleration and down-the-field ability. He’s the guy that you have to account for. He’s the guy that the Minnesota Vikings could use tremendously in their offense right now. They just haven’t generated any big plays, and their passing game has really not gotten out of the garage yet.”