Extensive Update on Todd Bowles situation from Adam Schefter Dan Leberfeld

“Initially Jets officials feared the 53-year-old Todd Bowles suffered a heart attack Friday, according to sources,” wrote ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “Bowles began throwing up, experienced chest pains, back pains, and after he was given medication, he could not keep it down, which is when Jets officials became extremely concerned and took him to the hospital.

“Doctors determined Bowles did not suffer a heart attack, though they want to visit with the Jets head coach again after the season to continue monitoring him to see if any further action needs to be taken. Bowles is hoping to coach in Saturday’s game against the Patriots, but he has been told it will be a doctor’s decision about whether he can go to New England. If Bowles cannot coach, assistant head coach Mike Caldwell will be the Jets’ interim head coach.”