Flacco on his role with Gang Green now and moving forward Dan Leberfeld

Q: Robert said that when Zach (Wilson) is healthy, he goes back in the lineup because he is the future of this organization. You are on a little bit of a role here. How do you process that? If you win Sunday and have another good game, there is a good chance that you might not play the following week. So, do you think that’s right? What’s your opinion?

Flacco: Well, I’m really excited so far that we won last week and that I was able to be a part of that. I think, as I’ve said from the very beginning, hopefully I can do the same next week. I am grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had for the last two weeks and this upcoming week to put our team in a position to win and put our team hopefully in a position to be in a good spot moving forward for the rest of the year and that’s my job, that’s what I can do, and I’m happy about it.

Q: So, if that happens, it happens? You just move back to the other role?

Flacco: That’s right. You always hear that this is the ultimate team sport and it really is. When your number is called, you step up and you do your job. That’s all that you can control, so that’s all you worry about controlling and as long as we do that as a 53 man-roster, plus a couple guys, at week in and week out, then I think we’re going to find ourselves in a lot of good situations.

Q: Is that something you had to learn to accept in your last few roles? Whether it was here, behind Sam (Darnold), in Philadelphia behind Jalen (Hurts), and now Zach? They’ve been drafted to be the future of the organizations. Is that something that you kind of have to accept in your role?

Flacco: I think no matter what, at a certain point, when you sign up to be on a football team, when you make that decision to commit to a football team and you make a roster, you’re there to do what you’re there to do and that’s all you can worry about. I think that’s all of us. I think if we keep that kind of focus on just what we can control, then like I said, that’s when the team comes together, and everything takes care of itself. Like I said, I am really grateful for the opportunity to hopefully continue to set us up for success later in the season, but that’s all I can worry about at this point. I am very glad to be able to do it.


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