Former GM thinks this could help get deal done Dan Leberfeld

Aside from perhaps sending a couple of draft picks to Green Bay, one former NFL GM thinks something else could help get an Aaron Rodgers to the Jets deal done:

“I get the sense that we’re going to see the Packers move from 15 to 13 (in the first round),” said former Tampa Bay Buc’s GM Mark Dominik, now with SiriusXM NFL Radio. “And Aaron Rodgers is going to be (with the Jets) as well as another draft pick. And I think that’s been something where the Packers move up a little bit, they get a second-round, third-round value (with that move-up) (and) they get another pick. So, they’re getting close to that first-round value that they’ve been talking about.

So Dominik thinks the Packers and Jets flip-flopping first-round picks could help get this deal (along with some other pieces).

“I keep thinking something is going to happen 13 to 15, and that’s when Aaron Rodgers is going to flip,” Dominik said.


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