Former NFL GM on what Paris needs to work on Dan Leberfeld

He was a GM in the league from 2009-2013, and how he now works at SiriusXM NFL Radio, and here is what he thinks of Ohio State offensive tackle Paris Johnson, who visited the Jets on Wednesday:

“I think what stands out for me is an athlete, I mean, just a very, very talented athlete across the board,” said former Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik. “I think that’s the thing you get excited about is he could go out there at the left side (and) you could flip him over to the right side if you need to.”

But what does Johnson need to work on?

“I think that Paris is going to continue to work on his overall strength at the next level and see what he can do in that capacity,” Dominik said.

Dominik feels Johnson needs to get stronger to handle NFL bull rushers, the “heavier rushers” as Dominik puts it.

I think he’s got the footwork to handle the speed guys,” Dominik said. “It’s just, can he handle the heavier-handed (rushers), the Cam Jordans of the world? That’s going to be the one to watch for me.”

Johnson is only 21, so certainly once he gets into an NFL conditioning program, he should acquire the requisite strength to thrive on the next level.


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