Former scout on potential Jets pick at 23 – ‘His movement stuff is phenomenal’ Dan Leberfeld

The Jets need a player at this position, and could address it at 23, and this player’s name has been speculated.

Talking about Northwestern CB Greg Newsome, who some think would be a good pick for the Jets with their second first-round pick.

“He’s a really loose, fluid athlete so you start there – his movement stuff is phenomenal,” said former Ravens, Eagles and Browns scout Daniel Jeremiah, now with NFL Network. “He’s got incredible ball skills. He can find and play the ball, which to me is like the number one non-negotiable for me at that position. You’ve got to be able to find and play the ball. He does that really well.”

Watching his game action the last couple of years, Jeremiah wondered about his speed.

“The only knock when you watched him on tape, I questioned just how much pure juice does he have, how much top speed – he wasn’t really challenged vertically in any of the games I studied, so I was curious about that and he goes and runs 4.38,” Jeremiah said. “So he answered the bell on that one.”

But now the part that could scare off some teams:

“The one thing in talking to teams, they have concerned about, you put it in the negative column, he’s missed a lot of games,” Jeremiah said. “He’s missed some games in just about every year, so from a durability standpoint he gets dinged a little bit. But everything else checks out. Everything I’ve heard about the kid, he’s a great kid. You’re in good shape there.”


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