Gailey answer questions from the Petty lobby Dan Leberfeld

Q)How did Bryce Petty perform in the Rams’ game?

Chan Gailey – Jets offensive coordinator: He did some good things. He needs all of the work he can get. Just like every young player needs all of the work they can get. It helps to play in games.

Q)What are the differences in evaluating someone in practice compared to games?

Gailey: It’s like being able to evaluate somebody with 75-80% probability or being able to evaluate somebody with 90-95% probabilitity. The probability in games, you’ve got a lot better idea of what’s going to happen. Whereas in practice you only have a 75% probability of how they’re going to be, how they’re going to play, and how they’re going to progress.

Q)Is it valuable for a young player to get in-game experiences in order to grow?

Gailey: Every player in the National Football League that is a young player needs reps. It’s not just Bryce for quarterback. It’s every player.

Q)What did you learn about Petty from the Rams game?

Gailey: We learned some things that we felt we’re his strong suits and some things that we felt like he needed to work on. You’re going to ask me what, and I’m not going to say. Every time somebody plays, you evaluate them and you learn something about them and you go from there to try to help them become better.

Q)How comfortable is Petty under center after playing in the shotgun against the Rams?

Gailey: That was the game plan. He’s fine under center.