Dominating defensive line on his mind Dan Leberfeld

The Jets have some talent on their defensive line, but need more.

Jets coach Robert Saleh recently did a conference call with season ticket-holders and was asked about the importance of adding defensive linemen in the draft.

“I lived it, right? In Seattle we had that front, obviously in San Francisco probably has the best front in all of ball,” Saleh said. “I’ve been blessed to be a part of some really cool defenses and you’re right; it starts up front. Always has always will.”

So while the Jets have some solid players up front, it’s imperative that they add some more, and perhaps an edge-rusher with one of their two first-round picks.

While Saleh told the fan on the call he’s not going to “pinpoint a position right now” that they’re targeting in the draft. he is very well aware of the importance of having a dominating defensive line.

“Great quarterbacks are neutralized with a four-man pass rush,” Saleh said. “If you can rush four on even the greatest ones, it’s shown time and time again that great pass rush neutralizes great quarterbacks every time.”

So don’t be surprised if one of the Jets’ early picks is used on a defensive lineman.


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