Connecting with hearts and heads Dan Leberfeld

In a rare interview, this Jets executive made a salient point about the team’s coach.

Once in a while he does interviews with the team’s website, but not the mainstream media, and during a recent interview with, Jets senior football advisor, Phil Savage, was asked about Robert Saleh.

And he made a very important point about the coach, especially significant in this day and age.

“I love the fact that he coaches people,” Savage said. “He really tries to connect with the heart and the head of our players.”

While Saleh has some things he needs to clean up as a coach coming off a 4-13 season, it’s pretty clear that he really connects with players on a high level.

And he doesn’t yell at them. Yelling at players doesn’t work that well anymore. Times have changed.

So Saleh’s bedside manager is ideal for the modern era. He motivates, he teaches, but he doesn’t tear players down.

His ability to connect with the “hearts” and “heads” of players leads to a team playing very hard for him.

So this part of his coaching skill set is excellent.

Now some other things need to be tweaked, but the motivation part is in a good place.


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