He has two surgical knees

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There are a few things to consider here . . .

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson wants to be traded, according to his agents surrogates in the media.

And some people think the Jets would be a good landing spot.

Watson’s marketing agent, Bryan Burney, liked New York Post¬†story on Instagram, suggesting the Jets should trade for the player. Watson also liked the post.

Honestly, that is kind of irrelevant.

Watson isn’t going to make this decision – Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh will.

One reason Watson wants out of Houston is that he wasn’t consulted on the GM choice, which is kind of an odd complaint. Since when do players get involved in GM searches? And the strange part about Watson being upset with the GM choice is that they went out and got long-time New England Patriots executive Nick Cesario, who has been a hot GM candidate for a number of years, so why would he have an issue with the choice? They hired a big-time guy, so what’s the issue? If Watson wants to win, why would he rail against hiring a guy who has six rings?

The bottom line is Watson got the monster second contract from the team last year, at $40 million a year, so now he clearly feels he now has the bully pulpit.

While most in the media are taking his side here as they are wont to do, but I’m sorry, the NFL players don’t pick GMs and coaches.

I’m not saying the Texans don’t have issues, and haven’t made mistakes, but that still doesn’t mean the team’s QB should be making decisions on the GM and coach.

So before the Jets consider making a trade, which will deplete them of a lot of their valuable draft capital the next couple of years, they better discern where Watson’s attitude is at.

But the reason it’s probably best to stay away from a Watson trade, aside from all the valuable draft picks they would need to trade, is the player has had both knees reconstructed.

He blew out his left knee as a freshman at Clemson, and then blew out his right knee as a rookie in Houston, so he has two surgical knees.

That should be something potential suitors consider, especially with the fact that he likes to run a lot.

And what is his ceiling as a player? In Houston he seems to be a QB who can get you to the first or second round of the playoffs? Can you get your further? Who knows, by it hasn’t happened yet.

Look, the Jets need an upgrade a QB, but considering they’re trying to build a strong football culture, so how does bringing in Watson, who is trying to shoot his way out of Houston, like Jamal Adams with the Jets, help that culture? Do you want a player who thinks he should have a seat at the table picking a new GM and coach? Part of having a good culture is people staying in their lanes and focusing on their jobs.

What is it that Bill Belichick always say, “Do your job!”

Also, with so many needs on the roster, would it be smart to send a truckload of quality draft picks to Houston for the player?

I could be wrong, but the Jets trading for Watson this off-season is probably not the way to do.

January 19, 2021

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