Holmes-Sanchez chemistry work-in-progress Dan Leberfeld

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes has played only two games as a Jet, so it stands to reason his chemistry with quarterback Mark Sanchez should improve as the season progresses.
“I think the more games he plays, the better we’re going to feel and the better the chemistry will be,” Rex Ryan said. “You look at Braylon Edwards, the difference between Braylon this year and last year, the fact that he came during the season, he’s so much further along. That confidence level that Mark (Sanchez) has in Braylon and vice versa that, “Hey, your route is going to be this. I’m going to put the ball in front of you” (and) things like that.
That’s what we see now with Braylon and Mark and I think the same thing is going to happen with the type of chemistry that Mark can develop with Santonio.”