How does he make so many big plays?


How does he do it?

How has he been able to make so many big plays, throw so many touchdowns, yet throw so few interceptions?

Long-time New York sports columnist Ian O’Connor asked Jets QB Aaron Rodgers this question recently in a press conference:

O’Connor: You’ve obviously set the all-time standard for interception percentage, yet you’ve always been aggressive attacking tight windows. How have you balanced those two things over the years and is that something that’s more innate or was that coached into you at some point in your development?

Here is Rodgers’ answer:

“When I was a sophomore (at Pleasant Valley (CA) High School) I had a coach by the name of Ron Souza, who I loved,” Rodgers said. “He was just put into the Chico Sports Hall of Fame, I got to send a little blurb for him. He really challenged me about ball security and basically said, ‘If you turn the ball over, you’re going to be sitting on the pine.’ From that point forward, I realized that ball security is directly related to job security.

“At the same time, when I became much more fluid with my fundamentals, it allowed me to throw the ball on time, in rhythm and balance. When you do that, you can be a lot more accurate. When you’re more accurate, there’s going to be less opportunities for interceptions. There’s always going to be some that happen, but you want to limit the amount that are your fault, bad throw, bad decision, bad read. Quarterback moral sins, late down the middle, blind throw, premeditated throw. So, if you’re avoiding those, you’re going to be at a low number.

“Then, at the same time, trying to be opportunistic, but you’re picking your spots. Every throw is a percentage-based throw on what the highest percentage of completion, the lowest percentage of negative play and then knowing when to throw the ball away. I think it all comes together and there’s been some years where I’ve really, really taken care of the ball well. Last year, not quite as much, but hopefully that was an anomaly. I’m sure it was.”

In 15 years as an NFL starter, Rodgers has thrown 475 touchdowns, just 105 interceptions, and his lifetime interception percentage on all throws is 1.4 percent.

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