Be careful what you wish for Dan Leberfeld

I keep reading this argument from some about Ryan Fitzpatrick, and I don’t entirely understand it.

It goes something like this – “I’m done with Ryan Fitzpatrick. This thing has dragged on too long. It’s time for the Jets to move on.”

I don’t get the logic.

To me, Fitzpatrick is the Jets’ best option at quarterback this year. He gives them the best chance to win in 2016.

Even with his shortcomings, he’s coming off one of the finest quarterback seasons in Jets history (31 touchdown passes) and is a great fit for Chan Gailey’s offense, a system he knows so well. The Jets’ talented starting receiving tandem of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker loves him, and wants him to be their starting quarterback.

So why would you want to move on from him now, in early June, just because of a protracted contract dispute?

Isn’t that cutting off your nose to spite your face?

I don’t get this argument.

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