I’m sorry, this is a slap in the face Dan Leberfeld

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is going to interview for the Jets’ head coaching job.

By most accounts, he’s a good head coaching candidate.

I know it’s open season on former Jets GM John Idzik, but do me, if the team hires Quinn, it would be a major slap in the face to the man.

When Idzik took the Jets’ job, he was forced to keep Rex Ryan as the coach.

If he was able to choose his own coach, there was a good chance he would have picked Quinn, who he worked with in Seattle.

Now two years later, with Idzik out of the picture, it would add insult to injury, if the Jets hired the man Idzik likely wanted.

Quinn is more no-nonsense than Ryan.

So perhaps if Idzik could have hired him in 2013, the program would be in a different spot now. Perhaps their would have been more accountability the last two years, more improvement

I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this, but to me, if the Jets hire Quinn, it would be kicking Idzik when he’s down.