Revis fight should have little to do with football decision Dan Leberfeld

Darrelle Revis was reportedly involved in a street fight in Pittsburgh last weekend.

Revis was charged with aggravated assault, robbery and a couple of other things.

Let’s give him due process and see where this ends up.

But whatever happened, it should have little or no bearing on his future with the Jets.

Any good football operation would look at how he performed the last two years and say, “we’re moving on.”

The film doesn’t lie.

He’s nowhere near the player he used to be. He’s lost speed and quickness, often gives up too much cushion in coverage, and doesn’t tackle like he used to.

What he did his first time around with the team, and his legacy, should have no bearing on the decision here. Woody Johnson made a mistake re-signing him in 2015. Hey, we all make mistakes.

Sentimentality should have nothing to do with the Revis’ decision in 2017. It should be all about what he can do right now. And he self-admittedly said, he’s “old” and his “body is breaking down.”

Incident or no incident, it’s time for the Jets to move on from this player.

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