Is it possible a Hard Knocks compromise is reached?

1, the league’s website, had a headline on Wednesday – “Who will be the best ‘Hard Knocks’ star from the New York Jets?”

That headline was a little surprising because the Jets hadn’t been officially announced for “Hard Knocks” yet.

The headline was a tad misleading because it was promoting a segment from an NFL Network Show called, “Total Access” and the host said during the segment nothing has been decided yet.

Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy was asked by a fan about “Hard Knocks” recently and responded: “I’m anxious to see the Jets and the many ex-Packers on ‘Hard Knocks’ this summer — should be very entertaining.”

But as we sit here on July 7, still no official word on the Jets being the team on “Hard Knocks.”

There are clearly negotiations still going on before the scenes.

So what might happen?

Perhaps the Jets will do it, but it will be a less intrusive version of the show.

Maybe the Jets let’s HBO do the show, but not allow them to overtake their complex, and attend as many meetings as past “Hard Knocks” productions. Maybe it’s more like one of those Jets in-house documentaries you see on the team’s website and YouTube, with some special access, but not over the top.

In other words, a “Hard Knocks” production that isn’t as much of a distraction.

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