Is this current situation Tyreek Hill Part II for Jets


Is this situation similar to Tyreek Hill?

It’s no secret the Jets have an interest in talented free-agent running back Dalvin Cook, a former Minnesota Viking standout.

It’s also no secret that Cook is from South Florida (Miami Central High School) and went to Florida State.

It’s also no secret he’d love to play for his hometown Miami Dolphins.

However, the Dolphins reportedly made him an offer that wasn’t to his liking.

So is it possible that the rumors about the Jets being a favorite to land Cook, are an attempt by his camp to scare Miami into upping their offer?

Is this story a little reminiscent of the Tyreek Hill situation in 2022? The Kansas Chiefs were looking to trade the wide receiver and it seemingly came down to the Jets and Dolphins, and he was ultimately traded to Miami.

How close was Hill to going to the Jets?

“How close was I? Who? The Jets?” Hill said at his 2022 introductory Miami press conference. “I knew I was always going to pick Miami no matter what because I’m basically from here. I’m here all the time. This is home for me. For us.”

So the Jets were perhaps used as a vehicle to drive the price up, for what KC got in the trade, and for what Hill got paid.

Is the Cook camp doing something similar, to scare Miami, a Jets division rival, into paying more?

It’s possible. You never know.

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