This has nothing to do with the legalization debate Dan Leberfeld

Sheldon Richardson returned yesterday from his four-game NFL suspension for testing positive for marijuana.

I asked Todd Bowles if Richardson has learned his lesson in regards to marijuana.

“I wish I could answer that question for you,” Bowles said. “When I see him in the building, he’s not doing anything. He’s kept his his nose clean. It’s an ongoing process, I don’t think you learn a lesson over a month or so. I think it’s an ongoing deal that won’t be answered until later on in life.”

Some took umbrage with the question. These people feel the NFL shouldn’t punish players for smoking pot.

Hey, I’m not taking a position on marijuana, I’m just dealing with the NFL rules. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, NFL players aren’t allowed to smoke pot.

So as long as Richardson plans on playing in the NFL, he has to stay away from marijuana.

That is the bottom line.

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