It’s pretty apparent what the Jets are doing this year Dan Leberfeld

The Jets’ plan for 2021 is becoming pretty clear.

They are using this season to develop a rookie QB, Zach Wilson, on the job, and if they win along the way, that’s gravy.

Of course, they want to win games, but if you are using the season as a petri dish at the QB position, it’s probably going to be hard to win a lot of games.

“It’s not easy being a rookie quarterback, it never will be,” Jets coach Robert Saleh said. “It never has, it never will be.”

True, so some teams let them sit, like Kansas City with Patrick Mahomes in 2017. Others use a season or two to let the kid learn on the job, and it can impact your chances of being successful while you’re doing that.

‘It’s a rollercoaster ride,” Saleh said. “You’re going to take the good with the good, the bad with the bad, but find ways to get better, and he will.”

So now we have a clear picture of what the Jets’ mission is this year.

To develop Wilson.


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