Jets attempting to replace one of NFL’s best gunners Dan Leberfeld

So how will they replace him?

Talking about one of the NFL’s most talented special teams gunners.

In a surprise move, the Jets released running back Trenton Cannon on August 3. He was claimed off waivers by Carolina Panthers on August 4.

While Cannon only played four games last year due to a foot injury, in 2018, he was one of the NFL’s best gunners on special teams. In June, Boyer called Cannon “one of the top-five gunners in the league in my opinion.”

A gunner is the individual who runs down the sideline to tackle kick and punt returners, often before anybody else.

“Well obviously, when you lose a guy like that, it hurts,” Boyer said today. “I have worked with him a ton and he was productive for us but that happens in this league guys. Every year special teams coaches get who’s on the roster and I understand it and so, that’s part of the work, I’m glad he got picked right back up, he’s a great kid and I really liked him and enjoyed working with the kid.”

So who are the prime candidates to replace Cannon?

“We have a platoon of guys that are going to have to step up and play in his absence,” Boyer said. “You have guys that have done it before here, with WR Jeff Smith and CB (Arthur) Maulet and guys like that. You have a bunch of new guys that can come in and hopefully get the job done for us and they look pretty solid so far, we will see how it goes during the season.”


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