Jets did right thing with no blockbuster at deadline and here is why Dan Leberfeld

Some teams made some big deals at the trade deadline, like Miami, but the Jets did the right thing staying away from that.

In most sports, when a team makes a big deal at the deadline, it’s often to give them that one piece they might be missing to help spearhead a championship run.

However, when a big focus of a season is seemingly to develop the young quarterback, why mortgage future premium draft picks for a star player at the deadline?

Miami obviously feels they are a pass rusher away from making a Super Bowl run, so they made a blockbuster deal to acquire Denver OLB Bradley Chubb.

That wouldn’t have made a ton of sense for the Jets, since letting the developmental QB learn on the job is perhaps a main focus this year.

Maybe a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline will make more sense next year.


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