Jets need more from this position Dan Leberfeld

The Jets head to Miami this weekend to face the Dolphins in their season finale.

In this game, they need a little bit more from their quarterback position than they have been getting.

The Jets lost 17-16 to New England last Sunday.

Two weeks ago, they barely got by the Tennessee Titans, because they had trouble scoring.

Three weeks ago, they lost 30-24 to the Minnesota Vikings, in overtime.

Four weeks ago, the Dolphins beat them 16-13.

They were so close in these three losses.

What could help them get over the hump in these type of games?

Perhaps more from the quarterback position. Their passing offense is 32nd in the NFL. It’s been in the slot for quite some time.

Geno Smith has had his moments, and he’s flashed at times, but like a lot of young quarterbacks, he’s inconsistent, and struggles in the red zone.

The Jets are kicking too many field goals.

In a quarterback-driven league, the Jets need a little more production from this position, to help them get over the hump.

Smith is trying his best, and in his defense, was forced to play way before he was ready. He was a project coming out of West Virginia.

So, for the most part, I don’t blame him for his shortcomings. When you rush a player, it’s not the player’s fault, but the people who rushed him.

I’m just saying, one reason the Jets keep coming up short, is they aren’t getting enough plays from the quarterback spot.

And this league is so much about the quarterback.