Jets need to “emiminate second plays” against Bills

New York Jets Coaches

It’s hard enough to stop one play, so the Jets must avoid having to stop two.

The Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks at extending plays after they seem to be over, with both his powerful build and good speed.

So Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich feels a key for his defense facing Allen on MNF is preventing “second plays.”

“He’s just a unique player in the fact that he can make some things out of nothing,” Ulbrich said. “He’s such a dynamic athlete, he’s a huge man that’s hard to tackle, and he’s a guy that’s just a relentless competitor and he’s going to extend plays. He makes magic happens in those second plays. Those second plays we have to eliminate, whether that’s through the rush or staying plastered in coverage and minimizing the yardage that he gets when he starts to move around and scramble and extend.”


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