Jets need to reel in Connor Dan Leberfeld

Jets linebacker Josh Mauga is now in his third week of a concussion.
He has yet to play a preseason game because of the injury, hurting his chances of making the team.
The concussion was caused by a violent hit to the side of the head by fullback John Connor.
We keep hearing about how tough “The Terminator” is.
And he is exceedingly tough. There is no about it.
He’s also a really good guy.
But what is the point of having practice drills where teammates injure teammates?
Rex Ryan said Connor did nothing wrong because the drill was “live.”
Well, if that is the case, maybe the league and the union need to put an end to “live” drills in practice.
Leave the “live” stuff to the games.
In a day-and-age where concussions are such a hot-button issue, how the Mauga injury occurred needs to be put under the microscope.
And Ryan needs to tell Connor – take our your aggression out on opponents, not on teammates in practice.