Jets practice ends on a good and bad note

New York Jets Football Wilson

Morris County – The one thing about training camp highlights, is there is often a flip-side.

Jets training camp ended today with Aaron Rodgers hitting Garrett Wilson on an out route in the end zone for a touchdown.

That is the good part for the Jets, and expect these two to connect quite a bit this year.

The bad part is that Wilson was wide-open against the Jets’ starting defense.

Since I’m not privy to the playbook, I always hesitate to blame anybody for a blown coverage. Sometimes it looks like one player to the public and media, but it wasn’t actually his assignment.

There was a cornerback and safety on that side of the field who could have perhaps done a better job of covering Wilson, but who knows unless you are cognizant of everyone’s assignments.

But nonetheless, this is a perfect example of how there are often good plays and not-so-good plays, on the same play, for any given team, in NFL training camp practices, since it’s teammate vs. teammate.