Jets should not restructure Sanchez’s contract Dan Leberfeld

Will Mark Sanchez restructure his bloated 2013 salary?

“Also, I know there was some talk of this, but the Jets have not asked Mark Sanchez to restructure his contract, per source,” tweeted Brian Costello of the New York Post.

And they probably shouldn’t.

While his $8.25 million guarantee for 2013 is grandiose, the Jets would be foolish to rework it, and defer money.

Why do that, if you don’t even know if you want him on the team after this year?

While $8.25 million guaranteed is a tough pill for the Jets to swallow, they are probably best suited to just deal with it, and not prolong his deal, since it might be time to move on after this season.

Now if he is willing to take a pay cut, that is another story. However, that is likely a Jets pipe dream.