Jets/Harbaugh and the Thamel Tweet Dan Leberfeld

Sports Illustrated writer Pete Thamel, who specializes in college sports, tweeted the following yesterday, “Told today the Jets are unlikely landing spot for Jim Harbaugh. They interviewed him when they hired Rex. Woody wasn’t impressed.”

First of all, if Harbaugh interviewed with the Jets six years ago, and Johnson decided to do with Rex Ryan instead, does that mean he wasn’t impressed?

You can only pick one guy. Just because he hired Ryan, doesn’t mean he wasn’t impressed with Harbaugh last time.

Harbaugh had no pro coaching experience at the time. He had just come from Stanford, after a stint at the University of San Diego.

Rex had been in the NFL, as an assistant, for many years.

Now Harbaugh is coming off four good seasons as the coach of San Francisco 49ers.

It’s certainly a different landscape now.

If the Jets fire Ryan, obviously they need to reach out to Harbaugh.

He’s a proven winner.

If he makes a coaching change, Johnson needs to hit this hire out of the park, so he must take a serious look at Harbaugh.

Six years ago is irrelevant.