Joe Douglas makes it clear he feels Jamal Adams lied to the Daily News Dan Leberfeld

Joe Douglas didn’t wait to be asked a question about – he brought it up on his own.

In his conference call with the reporters on Monday, Jets GM Joe Douglas had a long opening statement, dealing with matters like the Jamal Adams’ trade, COVID-19, Adam Gase, Woody Johnson and so forth.

In that opening statement, he, of his own volition, made a statement about Adams telling the Daily News that the GM said he would offer him a new deal this off-season.

“Before I move on to some other points, I just want to make it clear that I never promised an offer to Jamal or his agent, nor was I ever dishonest or ambiguous in any cases with their camp,” Douglas said.

Adams told the Daily News last week: “For them to tell me that they’re going to pay me and then not send over a proposal after they said that’s what they were going to, that’s where we go wrong. And then for you to ignore me, that’s why I have a problem.”

So, according to Douglas. this statement by Adams isn’t true, and for the GM to bring it up in his opening statement, before even being asked a question, shows you how much being portrayed as a liar stuck in his craw.


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