What Joe Douglas looks for in a QB prospect Dan Leberfeld

The question wasn’t about Zach Wilson,

but it was about his position, so his boss is certainly looking at the position through the prism he described in the answer.

Jets GM Joe Douglas was asked at the 2022 Combine what he looks for in a QB prospect in the draft.

“The things you’re always trying to look for, obviously you’re looking for leadership, you’re looking for mental, physical, psychological toughness,” Douglas said. “You got to have a certain amount of ruggedness psychologically to handles the slings and arrows coming your way when things aren’t going well. Obviously, timing, anticipation, accuracy, those are all things that we were looking for when we were diving into the quarterback class. We do it every year, but especially last year. And so, when there is a deficiency in one of those areas, it sends up a flag.”

So how does Wilson measure up in the areas that Douglas mentioned?


We will find out a lot more in Year Two.


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