Joe Philbin on his team’s Tebow prep Craig Thomas

The Miami Dolphins spent quite a bit of time preparing for Tim Tebow and the Wildcat this week.

“We’ve spent a lot of time preparing for that possibility of [Tebow] entering the game,” Joe Philbin said. “I think the thing we have to be careful of is that you can’t just assume that when 15 is in the game it’s going to be run, run, run, run because the guy has demonstrated success in this league of making plays with his arm and his feet. So I think we’ve got to be alert.

“Obviously we have to have a strong commitment to stopping the run, the quarterback run. It gives you an extra blocker when the quarterback is running the ball; that’s an advantage for them. It puts a premium on our guys to get off blocks, making sure we maintain leverage, but we’ve got to be aware. He’s a multiple threat as we like to say, so it will be a challenge when they get into those personnel groupings.”