Keller stepping up as a blocker Dan Leberfeld

Lost in all the attention he’s getting for his receiving exploits this year, is the improved blocking of Jets tight end Dustin Keller.

“It’s something that’s been real big for me to work on in the offseason because coming on to the field every single time, teams knew more times than not it was going to be a pass play,” Keller said. “Probably 75 percent of the time, that’s what we were  doing.  Since I did a lot of work with my coach, Mike Devlin, in the offseason, it’s been huge for me.  Now, (teams) can’t overplay the pass or the run.  They have to be honest, and that plays to the advantage of me and my teammates.”
Keller’s blocking is definitely going to come into play this week against the Minnesota Vikings outstanding pass rush.