Kind of wasted reps – not ideal to do this a lot in camp Dan Leberfeld

Look, it’s understandable when they do this sometimes, but if it happens too much, it’s not the best case scenario in training camp.

Talking about quarterbacks taking off and scrambling a lot on passing plays in camp.

The problem with it, is it’s a little bit of wasted rep, not just for the passing game, but for the pass defense.

Reps are so valuable, especially with strict time constraints on fieldwork in camp, due to the collective bargaining agreement.

So when a QB runs a lot, it cuts down on reps for receiving game targets, and defensive cover guys, like corners, safeties and linebackers.

Once again, obviously you are going to scramble sometimes, but if you do it too much, it’s not ideal for a camp.

And remember, camp is for experimenting between quarterbacks and receivers, getting on the same page, not stats, so sometimes you should throw a 50-50 ball, or “throw a guy open,” and let a cat go up and get it.

Don’t worry about being charged with a pick by the statisticians if it doesn’t work out.

Try some things out. That is what camp is for.


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