Leave Geno alone! Dan Leberfeld

Geno Smith continues to be a lightening rod, and it’s getting a little tedious at this point.

On Thursday, he said something that’s being blown WAY out of proportion.

“It’s no disrespect to anyone, but I’m auditioning for this team and 31 other teams in the NFL,” Smith said.”The way you handle all of this says a lot about your character. I’ve got little kids back home (in South Florida) seeing how I react. Everyone will watch to see how I react. I’m not going to allow this situation, because it’s not the worst situation I’ve been in, to deter me from my ultimate goal.”

Some bloggers thought this meant he’s looking for a new job elsewhere.

That isn’t what he meant.

I’ve heard players make that comment about “auditioning for 31 other teams” more times than I can remember.

It’s the mentality you need to have in training camp.

You can’t lament your spot on the depth chart. You just need to go out there and perform well in camp and preseason games to hang around the NFL, which isn’t easy to do.

If Smith is auditioning for other teams, it’s for next off-season when he’s a free agent, not now.

He’s not going anywhere. He is the Jets #2 QB, and gives the team a terrific insurance policy in case Ryan Fitzpatrick gets hurt.

I actually think that was an impressive quote from Smith, showing how much he’s matured.

It wasn’t controversial at all.

For goodness sake, leave the guy alone already.

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